Ipswich Borough Council allows homeowner to extend his home in a Conservation Area, thanks to the planning application submitted by the Planning expert at Planning Direct.

Planning Direct was recently asked to gain planning consent for the proposed erection of a first floor side extension to a residential dwelling within the Christchurch Park Conservation Area in Ipswich.

It is far from an easy process gaining consent for developments within Conservation Areas, due to the protected status of these areas and subsequent restrictions on design principles.

The local authority expressed concern regarding the potential impact of the proposed development upon the character and appearance of the protected area. Despite the initial concerns raised by the local authority’s Conservation Team, an alteration to the proposed design was then agreed between both parties which duly overcame its objection.

Here at Planning Direct, Planning Consultants submit supporting statement with Planning applications. They use this document to highlight to the Planning Officer why such an application should be granted permission. In this particular case, the planning statement included the following information.

  • That the proposed extension would be compliant with local planning policy.
  • That the principle of a first floor extension of this nature has been historically established in planning terms, following the previous approval for the same proposal.
  • That the proposal would not result in a harmful impact upon the amenities its inhabitants or those of neighbouring properties.
  • The proposed development would enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area; removing the single storey flat roofed building and replacing it with a two storey side extension (the same height as the original building) would bring it in line with the style of the Neighbouring properties.

Subsequently the planning application was approved, and the client’s requirement for a first floor extension (to increase the quantity and quality of living space within the dwelling) was delivered.

If you own a property in a conservation area and are concerned that you won’t be granted planning permission to extend your home, don’t despair. Planning Direct could help you obtain the permission you need. Contact us here.

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