With the continuous rise of the health and wellbeing industry, Planning Direct has seen an increase in clients coming to us with change of use enquiries to facilitate their studios, gyms and treatment centres.

One of those clients, an experienced Yoga Instructor, came to us for help obtaining planning permission for the change of use of an office to a yoga studio after the lease expired on their long-standing studio.

The loss of their studio caused a number of problems. It meant, on a temporary basis, that her yoga classes were being held in a room in a pub. As you can imagine this was not an ideal situation, pubs and yoga aren’t exactly a synonymous partnership. The absence of a permanent dedicated venue was having a detrimental impact upon the continued viability of the business going forward.

The venue the client found was the perfect setting and size to provide a full range of sessions. The quieter surroundings were also ideal. The only issue the client had was the change of use application.

It can be difficult to obtain a change of use from an office to a D1 use class. In this change of use application, Planning Direct highlighted the many benefits the yoga studio would bring to the community. The client had countless testimonials from her students which were presented to the council. It was also argued that there wasn’t a precedent for the building to be used as an office anymore (as a large proportion of the buildings surrounding it had been granted planning permission to be changed to residential).

The council agreed with the arguments put forward by the consultant at Planning Direct,  that the yoga studio was a welcome addition. The council stated that the yoga studio would

“positively contribute towards the vitality and viability of the surrounding area.”

 Despite this, they expressed some concern over the opening hours from 9am-9pm as they worried there may be some noise disturbance from the classes in the evening. To rebut this, Planning Direct pointed out that a yoga class would be a much quieter alternative to other types of exercise classes. The council subsequently allowed the client’s desired opening hours. Great news for the applicant. Our client was thrilled that she had a permanent base to teach again and said

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