Planning Direct offers a wide range of written statements to accompany most types of planning applications, planning appeals, planning enforcement cases and planning objections.

This page contains some useful information about objection letters. Objection letters are typically written in response to a planning application, planning appeal or planning document (such as an emerging Local or Neighbourhood Plan).

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Objection letters are generally submitted in response to planning applications, planning appeals and various other planning matters. They are typically submitted on behalf of:

  • the neighbours of a proposed development site
  • parish and town councils
  • action groups and associations (including historic societies, campaign groups and residents’ associations). 

The primary purpose of most objection letters will be to identify and explore the planning reasons why permission should be refused for a proposed development.

Alternatively, they may seek to provide clear planning reasons why an emerging planning document or planning policy – for example, a Local Plan or proposed housing site allocation – should be rejected or amended.

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In most cases, an objection letter will seek to:

  • Provide critical assessment of the matter in hand including, for example, explaining the ways in which the proposed development comprises poor design and so conflicts with various relevant planning policies
  • Offer a robust critique of the applicant’s case including, for example, exploring why their written submissions are flawed, illogical or based on misinformation
  • Identify any gaps in the application including, for example, missing ecological surveys and discuss the serious implications of this
  • Investigate and then discuss any relevant material planning considerations* that suggest the application should be refused
  • Suggest potential alterations, mitigations or planning conditions if you consider these would help to reduce or remove your objections.

*Material planning considerations

Material planning considerations are matters that planning decision makers can and should take into account. In fact, there is a rule in planning that allows decision makers to approve development that conflicts with national and/or local policies if they are satisfied that material planning considerations support this. Material planning considerations include things like road safety, previous planning decisions, privacy and nature conservation. However, certain matters – including loss of property value and loss of trade – can never be material planning considerations. Consequently, decision makers are not allowed to take such matters into account. Find out more about material planning considerations using the button below.

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