As a Planning Consultancy we often get calls from people who have carried out work on their home unaware that they should have sought Planning Permission. We frequently help clients apply for retrospective permission. On occasion we are approached by individuals who need to Appeal because they have had their retrospective application declined. Here is an example of such a case.

The arguments for this appeal were put forward and successfully won by Nikki O’Hagan, Planning Technician with Planning Direct.

The client had erected a garage which had been refused planning permission as it was deemed to unacceptably dominate the site and its surrounding street scene. It was viewed to be significantly at odds with the existing character of the area because of its size and prominent position (in front of the established building line).

The fencing, by virtue of its height, design and prominent position (on a corner site) was viewed as unacceptably dominant, forming a solid mass in an area characterised primarily by hedging, low walls or open frontages on front boundaries. It was therefore seen to be out of keeping with and harmful to the more open setting of the street-scene and therefore, contrary to various relevant policies.

The statement prepared by Nikki dispelled the Council’s concerns. She successfully demonstrated that the design of the garage had been carefully considered in order to take account of the character of the surrounding neighbourhood. That it was therefore acceptable within the context of the area, and as such resonated with all relevant planning policies and should be allowed.

The Planning Inspectorate conceded that the garage should in fact be granted permission (contrary to the council’s previous decision). The fence also was allowed to stay, although restricted to a slightly lower height.

Here’s what this happy client had to say about the service he received from Planning Direct

“Amazing service, contact was kept throughout… always very helpful. All my questions were answered straight away… Absolutely I would recommend Planning Direct without a doubt”

If you need to apply for retrospective Planning Permission, or indeed you need to appeal a decision call Planning Direct today. Our initial advice is free and we may charge less than you think, 01473 407011.

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