Planning Direct has recently helped a client secure Change of Use planning permission on a property in Westminster.

In this incidence the Planning Technician from Planning Direct was able to successfully demonstrate that the client’s Change of Use application complied with National and Local Planning Policies.

In our experience, this can be quite a challenge, especially in towns where local councils frown upon the sacrificing of commercial units for residential use.

The client wanted to change a building which had a rather confusing past when it came to Use Classes. They purchased the property which had been a vacant shop for a number of years with a desire to convert into a family home, and in so doing make some alterations to the front of the property for aesthetics and access.

The Planning Consultant was able to successfully demonstrate that

  • the building was far better served as a residential property owing to its small dimensions, and evidence that it had been empty far more years than it had been occupied in the last ten years.
  • this proposed change for residential use would be a valuable addition to the area and should be granted planning permission.
  • that residential accommodation is in much demand in the area and it would provide high quality and spacious accommodation for future occupants.
  • that although some external alterations were required they would not harm the street scene and that in fact, these changes would harmonise the street scene by mirroring the neighbouring property.
  • that the necessary internal alterations which would enable the space to suit a family, would not having any lasting impact on the outward  appearance of the property.

Our client was delighted when Westminster City Council granted Planning Permission for this Change of Use Application. Here’s what they had to say

“Wonderful news. Thank you for your incredible support and professional assistance”.

There are a number of angles which we can adopt in order to put forward a succinct and thorough proposal to your local council in support if your application and each case is different with varying mitigating factors. For this reason a Planning Consultant tends to be much more likely to win an application for permission than an individual home / land owner.

It’s also worth considering that a thorough Planning Application gives you much more ammunition if you find yourself at appeal, it therefore helps to instruct an expert from the start.

If you would like assistance applying to change the Use Class of a building why not get in touch with Planning Direct. Our initial advice is free and we may charge less than you think.

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