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The Tesco Tax. Good for Ipswich?

20 Local councils led by Derby City Council have formerly asked the government for powers to tax supermarkets. The new powers which would only apply to ‘large’ supermarkets would see a levy imposed to ensure ‘supermarket spending re-circulates in...


Why is Tesco pulling out of Suffolk?

Tesco has confirmed recently that it will not be pressing forward with plans to construct a supermarket in Felixstowe at Walton Green. This follows the decision of Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) to refuse permission for the Walton Green...


Legal Opinions

Objectors to planning applications are often defeated by legal opinions secured by applicants or acquiescent planning officers. Campaigners should challenge these opinions head on and bare in mind the following points: Campaigners must first recognise that a legal opinion...


Trends in supermarket planning applications

Supermarket application trends  – 10th September 2013 So Morrison’s has cut a deal with B&Q to take over part of their Euro Retail Park store in Ipswich. The development of this 43,000 sq ft food store is part of...



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