Are you looking to expand your business? Have you considered purchasing a neighbouring property and extending into it? Planning Direct can help you obtain Planning Permission for Change of Use.

Planning Direct was appointed back in April to prepare a Planning Statement in support of a Change of Use Application. The client wanted to expand their existing business, a Dental Practise in Ipswich. They had been operating from this location for over 15 years and were is seeking to extend due to an increase in demand.

Their intention was to change the Use Class of their neighbouring building from a residential dwelling (C3) to a dental surgery (D1). They planned to knock through, providing internal access between both buildings, thereby creating a larger surgery.

The buildings formed part of a larger terrace of properties running along the Street. Their neighbours’ property was a two-bedroom home. The only internal alteration required was the removal of a section of the party wall, in order to create a doorway. The proposal did not involve any external alterations to either of the existing buildings ensuring that their external appearance remained unaltered.

Planning Directs’ planning statement focussed heavily on the sustainability of this business, satisfying National Planning Policy. Nikki, the Planning Technician who wrote the statement addressed

  1. Local Planning Policy – demonstrating that this Change of Use would be benefical to both the local economy, and the local community.
  2. Local Planning History – highlighting the change in Use Class of a number of buildings in the neighbourhood
  3. Accessibilty – putting forward a strong argument even though on paper, one could presume that an application such as this would be rejected, as there is no parking on site.
  4. ‘An identified need for community facilities’ – demonstrating a need for this development in this community.
  5. ‘Planning for jobs growth’ – proving that this change in use would contribute to the Local Councils’ plan for sustainable economic growth.

The client was delighted when permission for this development was granted enabling them to grow their business and in so doing satisfy a need in the local community and contribute to economic growth in the county.

Here’s what their Practice Manager had to say

Andrew and Nikki worked hard and efficiently on our change of use application with a positive outcome and I believe this was all down to their expertise and experience, we would recommend them to anyone and would not hesitate to use them again in the future. Great work.

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