Builders, developers and householders looking to extend their homes are finding recent changes in Building Regulations are making building more difficult, applications much more complex and costs rising for all.

The changes to the building regulations regime are in order to meet the UK’s carbon emissions target of net zero by 2050 by setting new standards for ventilation, energy efficiency and heating.

The biggest practical changes are the restriction of glazed areas in new builds, extensions and following change of use to a residence. All walls doors and windows must also be highly insulated.

The changes will effect small building companies, developers and householders in the main as most do not have the expertise or time to get into and manage the changes in regulations.

Fortunately Planning Direct has been working on the new regulations for some time and has been actively discussing how to manage the changes with various Building Control Departments. So if you have a project and want Planning Direct to handle the Building Control drawings, energy calculations etc get in touch. And if you want to get planning permission for a new house, change of use or extension get in touch – we can sort out the planning and building control and ensure you don’t waste time getting planning permission for something you can’t build!

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