Planning Direct now offers affordable Air Quality Assessments in Ipswich and elsewhere.

Poor air quality causes significant harm to public health, the environment and the economy throughout the UK. In our local area of Ipswich, we currently have 4 separate Air Quality Management Areas* (AQMAs). These are mainly locations with busy roads and high levels of road traffic and congestion. Unsurprisingly, motor vehicles are one of the largest contributors to poor air quality.

*These are areas where air quality is especially poor (compared to national objectives) and needs to be improved.

Ipswich Borough Council takes this very seriously. To ensure that local air quality is not worsened by new development, the Council now expects most planning applications in the area to be supported by an Air Quality Assessment (AQA).

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Planning Direct is at the forefront of affordable Air Quality Assessment (AQA) provision in Ipswich and its surroundings, with prices starting from just £150 plus VAT.  

Air Quality Assessment for St Stephen’s Church approved

Most recently, Planning Direct prepared an Air Quality Assessment (AQA) to support the proposed conversion of Ipswich’s Grade II listed St Stephen’s Church to a live music venue. 

air quality assessment ipswich

St Stephen’s Church in Ipswich is to be given a new lease of life

The Planning Committee approved this application during their September (2022) meeting, a meeting that also saw the approval of another noteworthy planning application led by Planning Direct (more on this in a future news article). 

Planning Direct is very proud of its involvement in this successful planning application which will give a new, community-focused lease of life to the beautiful 15th Century church located at the heart of Ipswich town centre.

As a local business that strives to make a positive contribution to its home town, Planning Direct is also proud to play its own small part in improving Ipswich’s air quality. To this end, we have chosen offices that are conveniently located in the town centre, close to Ipswich Train Station. We actively encourage our employees to walk, cycle or take public transport to work. Over 70% of our office-based staff now achieve this on a daily basis.

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