What is representation?

Representation is relevant in cases where you are required to speak on a planning matter. Representation is where we speak on behalf of you. 

This normally involves Planning Direct preparing a comprehensive statement for oral presentation. It can also involve ourselves attending in person at the event to present the case. 

We will answer any questions or concerns raised by other parties (such as the council or local residents) in response to your case. Our preparation for the event will always include the drafting of cogent responses to matters we anticipate other parties will raise.

Common events that benefit from representation include:

  1. Your planning application is going to be determined by a planning committee. In these circumstances, you are normally provided an opportunity to verbally present your case before the planning committee. Councillors on the committee may also pose questions to you; and
  1. Your planning appeal is going to be determined by a hearing or public inquiry. In these circumstances, you (or your representative) must attend an in-person event with the Planning Inspector, the council and any other interested parties (such as local residents). You must verbally present your appeal case and respond to the Inspector’s questions. The Inspector’s questions are normally issued ahead of time so that robust responses can be prepared in advance of the event. You must have adequate representation at appeal hearings and public inquiries, otherwise you could have costs awarded against you.

We also represent parish/town councils, local residents and local associations that wish to object to a planning matter. This could be a planning application, planning appeal, emerging plan/policy or site allocation.

In all circumstances, we will prepare a robust verbal case, present it coherently and defend it confidently. 

We understand that in-person planning events can be daunting experiences. We’re here to alleviate at least some of that stress. In most cases, you won’t need to be present unless you choose to be. 

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