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What are Landscape and visual impact assessments?

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (or LVIAs) assess the impact of a development on a landscape. They are mainly concerned with visual impacts but will also consider other matters like noises, smells and the character of the place. For example, would the development cause urbanisation of a very rural or tranquil landscape?

A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment may also identify ways to reduce or remove harm to a landscape. This might include changes to a site layout or the introduction of appropriate visual barriers like hedgerows and walls.

Our Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments normally include a site visit. We will take high quality photographs from various vantage points to demonstrate the development’s effect on views.

When is a landscape and visual impact assessment required?

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments are mainly required for developments in rural areas and the countryside. They are less common for developments in towns and cities.

A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment is likely to be required in rural areas if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • The development is large or complex
  • The development would dramatically change the character of the site and/or area (e.g. a new housing estate is proposed on an open agricultural field)
  • The landscape is sensitive (e.g. there are far-reaching views or the site is within or close to a protected landscape, ancient wood, conservation area, AONB etc.)

If you’ve already submitted a planning application, your local council may contact you to request a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. In most cases, you should comply with this request otherwise your application is very likely to be refused.

what landscape and visual impact assessments do planning direct offer?

Planning Direct offer competitive Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments to cover most developments in a wide range of locations. We use the industry standard methodology formulated by the Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (GLVIA3).

If you need assistance with a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for a current project of yours, please get in touch. Our initial advice is always free of charge.

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