What is design guidance and what does it cover? 

Many of our clients come to us with fully-fledged development proposals, but not all. If your development is still in its early stages, we offer detailed design guidance to help steer it in the right direction. 

Design guidance is mostly relevant in the case of new housing schemes but it can apply to other types of development, especially where the historic environment is affected.

Our design guidance will seek to reconcile your own desires or requirements with all relevant planning policies and guidance. For new housing, this will normally require us to take account of local density policies, the nationally described space standard, good practice on daylight/sunlight and any local design codes. 

In the case of new housing schemes, our design guidance typically covers all of the following matters:

  • Amount & density;
  • Scale;
  • Siting & layout;
  • House types;
  • Architectural style & appearance;
  • Landscaping; and
  • Access arrangements. 

Our design guidance will address everything you require, from the general site design down to the smallest of plot details (including windows and bin storage). 

You will always be free to make design choices concerning your development that are contrary to our guidance. So that you can make informed decisions throughout the design process, we will always be upfront with you about what the risks and rewards of doing so might be. 

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