In what circumstances do Planning Direct provide case management?

Planning Direct provides case management in the case of most planning applications and appeals. 

We do not provide case management in the case of planning objections as it is rarely necessary.

What is case management? 

Case management covers the following:

  • Submission of your application or appeal to the relevant authority;
  • Acting as your agent until a decision is reached. This means we will act as the go-between between you and all other parties. We will receive all correspondence associated with your application or appeal and feed its contents back to you. We will liaise with the council or Planning Inspectorate (and other relevant parties such as parish councils and highways authorities), providing written responses to their comments following discussion with you. We will provide you with ongoing advice concerning how best to address any comments or concerns of other parties, as required; and
  • Providing advice post-decision. We will send you the relevant authority’s decision as soon as it is received. In the case of a favourable outcome, we will discuss any conditions, limitations or post-permission matters that you need to deal with. In the case of an unfavourable outcome, we will discuss your remaining options and provide our professional advice on how best to proceed. 
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