Planning Direct was born in 2012 and has grown each year since. We are a small and dedicated team of planning consultants, architectural technicians and designers, here to assist you with your various planning needs. 

A word from our Director

A ’boutique’ consultancy, we aim to provide an exceptional working environment for our employees and an outstanding service for our clients.

With very high staff retention, client retention and client referrals (now our main source of work), our dedication to doing things differently has made us the leading planning consultancy in Suffolk and No. 1 on Google for many years.

Whilst growth is encouraging, we aim to be no bigger than 16 employees, believing this is the maximum size we can achieve without sacrificing our industry-leading attention to detail.

Our website is just one of the services that makes us stand out from the crowd. Completely free to use, it provides a “one-stop-shop” for all things planning.

Here, you’ll find up-to-date information on all of the most common parts of planning – including applications, appeals, objections and enforcement – as well as detailed planning advice. We’ve tried to cut out some of the jargon to make our content accessible to all, no matter your knowledge or experience.

Please take your time to explore our website using both the drop-down menu and handy search function. In the unlikely event that you can’t find the answer to your planning question, please call us on 01473 407911 or contact us using the button below.

Andrew Cann


We provide a wide range of planning services across England and Wales, including the comprehensive preparation, submission and management of:

Use the buttons above to find out more about planning applications, planning appeals and planning objections including what they are, what is involved, how long they take and how much they cost.

We take on all shapes and sizes of projects, from very large corporate developments to the smallest of domestic extensions. We recognise that each project is unique and this is reflected in the bespoke approach we take to each and every case.

how we work

Our services include undertaking research, conducting site visits, writing statements, producing drawings, processing online submissions and providing comprehensive case management – liaising with developers and decision-makers – all the way through to a decision.

We also work closely with a wide range of independent, specialist consultants and architects throughout the UK to ensure that your unique planning application, appeal or objection is accompanied by the necessary drawings, documents and reports.

At Planning Direct, our professional integrity is one of our key selling points. If we are honest with our clients, we think they’re more likely to trust our opinion, recommend us to their friends and family and come back to us if they ever need planning assistance in the future. We will always give you our honest advice, even if it means “losing” work. In our opinion, work is never “lost”, new relationships are built!

You can find out more about the Planning Direct team, our services and some of the projects we’ve worked on in the past using these buttons:


Our initial advice is always free so please get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

We provide free, no-obligation quotations by email. You can request one using the button below.

Our day rate is competitive and we offer fixed prices for each project. Our fees start from just £299 plus VAT for half a day’s work.  

We always aim to secure you the best possible result at the lowest possible cost. We work hard to keep your expenses down by assertively (and successfully!) challenging councils when they make unreasonable requests for unnecessary and expensive documents.

All applications for planning permission require a processing fee to be paid to your local council. The fee varies considerably depending on the type of application and/or the site area. You can find out more about application processing fees using the button below.

There is no fee to submit an application for Listed Building Consent or a planning objection.

Most planning appeals are free to submit, with just one exception. We may also be able to assist you to recover the costs of your planning appeal. You can find out more about appeal fees and the recovery of appeal costs using the buttons below.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to recover planning application or planning objection costs.

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