Planning Direct – 10 Years Of Planning Success

Planning Direct is a boutique Planning Consultancy born in 2012.

Originally founded by Planning Consultant Andrew Cann Planning Direct has grown by employing excellent staff providing excellent service at a reasonable cost.

Now in our tenth year we have a dedicated team of planning consultants and architectural and landscape designers, here to assist you with your various planning needs. 

We provide a wide range of planning services across England and Wales, including the comprehensive preparation, submission and management of:

  • Planning applications;
  • Planning appeals; and
  • Planning objections. 

In recent years we have started providing other services to the business and domestic market such as:

  • Landscape Planning;
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment;
  • Project Management;
  • Heritage Impact Assessment;
  • Planning Plans;
  • Building Regulations Plans;
  • Flood Risk Assessment; and
  • Travel Plans.

We have always prided ourselves on the detailed content of our website and many users find the answer to their planning issue here without contacting us so please take a good look.

If you have a new project, need some assistance or want some confidential advice on a current development please get in touch here.

How We Work

About Us

We encourage clients to contact us as early as possible to maximises chances of success. With a growing team with over seventy years of experience in designing, initiating and delivering projects, we can identify a strategic plan to achieve the best outcome for you. We believe that securing planning permission is about winning the emotional or political arguments, just as much as it is about winning the technical arguments. This way, we ensure that the crucial decision-makers will be on side to fight our corner and give us a real advantage.

Our Services

Planning Direct has an enviable record in winning planning permission, planning objections and planning appeals. We are expert planning consultants, with experience in securing planning permission for domestic extensions, ports, roads and railways, and in successfully opposing applications for many larger schemes, such as in the case of Tesco supermarket in Suffolk. We have the know-how to get the result you want, or in the words of one delighted client, “achieve the impossible.”

Our Projects

Take a look at our portfolio page to see for yourself the wide range of projects we undertake. On it, you’ll find details of our successful planning application for the impressive Stommel Haus project in Norfolk, our objection to Tesco’s Hadleigh supermarket application, for which Andrew Cann was dubbed “the man who beat Tesco,” and many more. With new projects taken on regularly, you’ll be sure to see our portfolio expand rapidly, so check back in on us to find out about all of our exciting developments.

Our Services

With a growing list of services, a growing team of experts and trusted partners Planning Direct either has the solution for you in house or we can appoint the right professional to address your project swiftly.

If you would like to know more about Our Services click here.

Portfolio/Case Studies

What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re here for you

Contact us now about you’re planning problem and we’ll give initial advice completly free of charge (if you already own or lease the property).

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